Very best response: If your PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller is just not charging, you can test a new cable or cleanse the USB port. Eventually, if these procedures really don’t perform, you’ll need to get a replacement.

My DualShock 4 is just not charging, what do I do?

Engineering isn’t fantastic, or fool-evidence. If your DualShock 4 is in constant use, it is sure to see don and tear, even if you choose good care of it. If your controller is just not charging, first off, never worry. There could be a couple of easy remedies to this problem. It could be as very simple as a undesirable cable or a bit of dirt – so in advance of you go operating off to acquire a new one, here’s a handful of matters you can test.

Checking the twine and port

A very good spot to start out examining is the actual charging cable. If your controller is not charging, probabilities are the cable may well be the situation. If you might be utilizing a normal USB cable or the one particular that arrived with your PS4, it is really possible that the cable has develop into frayed or kinked. Study the ends cautiously and if there does not appear to be any noticeable damage, test employing an additional twine in any case. I might endorse using a braided USB twine, as they have a far remarkable lifespan and will not get tangled the same way.

If switching the charging cable does not perform, inspect the charging port on the controller. When you plug in a USB cable, does it sense safe or free? If it can be loose, the port could be weakened. Take out the cable and search at the port. Is there a noticeable buildup of dust or grime or everything that is probably blocking the relationship? If so, you’re likely to need to clear the port out. You can do this course of action on your own, but try to remember to acquire treatment not to problems your controller.

How do I thoroughly clean the charging port?

As you get prepared to clean up your controller, keep in intellect that you doing work with sensitive content. You will not want to damage your controller if all it requirements is a cleaning.

  1. Flip off the controller. Be very careful not to bump the energy button and change it on.
  2. Get a can of compressed air and maintain it, so the nozzle (or straw) is a few of inches away from the port.
  3. Use many quick bursts to get any free content out.
  4. Consider a microfiber cloth and clear away any remaining debris from all over the port.
  5. If there is nevertheless nearly anything in there, acquire a toothpick and wrap it in a slender bit of slightly moist paper towel.
  6. Incredibly carefully, use it to clean up the inside of of the port.
  7. Permit the controller sit and dry.

At the time it is carried out drying, change it again on and try out charging it all over again. If it will work, brilliant! Pat oneself on the again. If not, it may perhaps be time to spend in a new PS4 controller. On the bright side, you now have a reason to up grade.

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