There is a new contender for the VR health crown in Viro Move.

Created by In good shape Reality, this new VR activity is composed of 3 major activity styles. To start with up, there’s a boxing manner to get your arms shifting. A shooter section will have you dodging incoming fireplace and returning assaults. Lastly there’s a sword-swinging mode that, yes, looks a great deal like Beat Saber. Each and every activity sort is particularly made to assist you burn off calories.

The recreation will support you track stats to deal with your plans.

VR gaming has turned out to be an helpful implies of retaining suit and getting rid of pounds around the earlier several yrs. Energetic video games that disguise the drain of exercising with the enjoyment of action gaming can assist folks stay inspired to get in condition. By specifically dialing in on VR conditioning, Viro Transfer could come across itself a wholesome sector.

Viro Move is coming before long to Steam. It’s set to launch on Rift and Vive headsets (and we’d think it’ll function on Index way too). You can see the Vive in the announcement trailer previously mentioned.

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Jamie Feltham, Add VR