The Step Most People Miss in Google Search Engine Optimization, Next TGP

Google search engine optimization is not something new for anyone. There are some basic things that almost everybody knows and then there are some other not so obvious things. This article is a discussion of the secrets to Google search engine optimization which includes the not-so-obvious things.

So let us start by discussing the already known aspects to ensure that we set the foundation right. As you might already be aware off, optimization involves on-page and off-page SEO.

The on-page SEO consists of the following.

Including the keywords in the title, description and in the URL, if possible.

Create the “keywords” meta tag with the main keywords for your website. Keeping the keyword density to about 3% of the total content.

Create some backlinks from the inner pages to the webpage you want to optimize with the same keyword as the anchor text.

You might even want to work on your LSI keyword usage etc. but these are all complicated stuff for me and I do not recommend all of these to any newbies.

All of what you have done above gives Google a fair idea of what are the keywords that you want to get ranked for and starts the process of Google search engine optimization. But this is just the start of the process. Now you need to get into it in a bit more detail and “stamp your authority” to show Google, your intentions. This is done by the “off-page” SEO.

The below is all that is involved in “off-page” Local SEO Brisbane.

Get a huge quantity of good quality backlinks preferably from webpages that are PR4 or, higher.

Ensure that you use the same Keyword as the anchor text.

Ensure that the links point to the inner pages of your websites rather than the home page because this is what looks more natural.

Create more backlinks with a diversity in IP and work more to get more links.

All of these above said aspects of SEO are what majorly forms a part of Search Engine Optimization. This is what normally most of the people interested in Google search engine optimization does, but there is one final step that decides if all of the above work produces results or, not.

This is to get the pages that are backlinking to your indexed by Google. How will you do it? This is important because it is only then that your backlinks will carry value and get your up there in the search results.

The easiest way of doing this is to send a ping about these webpages to the various pinging services. You may also want to place a link to these pages on the various web 2.0 sites. You can also write a few blog posts at places like Tumblr which would in turn ensure that these backlink pages get indexed by Google. Though all of these might sound a costly affair, it is not. With the change in the way internet marketing is done, a lot have changed about all of these aspects as well.