, The Librem 5 Application Compatibility Chart, Next TGP


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, The Librem 5 Application Compatibility Chart, Next TGP

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All of the apps below are confirmed to run on the Librem 5 Smartphone managing PureOS.

Every single software is grouped into just one of 3 categories dependent on how optimized it is for the cellular screen.

Cell Optimized – Fine tuned for cellular screen and contact enter.

Visual Concerns – Some visual aspects could use supplemental wonderful tuning for cell screens.

Needs Mobile Optimization – Operates and is purposeful, but not all visual elements are visible or in shape on the screen.

This list was past up-to-date on August 30, 2019 and some merchandise are maintained by the crew at Purism.  This is not a finish record of all parts of software program that operate on the Librem 5 (both at present or in the future) and extra purposes will be added to this chart as they are analyzed and confirmed.

The Librem 5 Application Compatibility Chart

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