We’re largely an Android site, but we also protect lots of good property devices for our audience. And today, we have received a little something particular. Some dude on the world-wide-web (Michael Reeves more than on YouTube) tweaked their Roomba to swear when it runs into factors stuff shit.

Warning, damn foul language.

I could give a summary of the video clip alone, which incorporates a general public exhibition of the device in a Focus on retail shop, but I never feel I could do it justice. If you can tackle a bit of swearing, you must just observe it, since it truly is astounding.

From a technical standpoint, it can be not a terribly complex modification. Reeves gutted his Roomba so that it could no lengthier clean up, and fitted the freed-up space with some fairly inexpensive components like a Raspberry Pi, radio receiver, Bluetooth speaker, and a handful of new sensors. When the Roomba bumps into (or is remotely driven into) a little something, a Raspberry Pi commences swearing like a one-eyed carpenter about a Bluetooth Speaker.

Don’t you desire you experienced one of these at house?