Some tech firms have been increasing production to outdoors of China (at least partially), mostly owing to growing labor expenditures and the country’s increasing trade war with the United States. For case in point, Google moved Pixel production to Vietnam, and Apple reportedly would like to diversify its output. Samsung has now shut down its very last remaining manufacturing unit in China, but mostly because it is acquiring difficulty promoting phones in the state.

Samsung has ended all smartphone production in China, in accordance to a report from Reuters. The business stated weak smartphone revenue in China was the key motive why producing has finished, as Huawei and Xiaomi have stolen most of Samsung’s domestic market place share over the past several years.

Samsung is still planning to provide its telephones in China, but now it will only manufacture them in other nations. Samsung was previously making fifty percent of its telephones in Vietnam in 2015, and previous year, the organization opened the world’s largest phone manufacturing plant in India.