We know, we know another working day, a different Beat Saber wannabe. But OnShape from Odders Lab does have a handful of attention-grabbing twists and turns that elevated our eyebrows.

Particularly, the recreation seems to be like a cross between Conquer Games’ smash strike and, oddly more than enough, Tetris. In the eye-catching teaser trailer beneath an animated participant 1st dodges incoming walls just like they would in Defeat Saber. Then they box their way as a result of a sound wall. Lastly, they toss styles to fit by human-sized holes. All of this transpires to, you guessed it, a backdrop of very catching digital dance songs.

About on Steam, Odders is promising a “steady flux of songs” to arrive postrelease on top of the existing soundtrack. Songs will have 3 issue levels and you’ll be equipped to problem buddies by way of leaderboards. It is not obvious how the trailer’s person components would mesh into a person stage, but it does seem like this one particular could be a fairly great way of preserving fit in VR.

This is not the to start with take on human Tetris we have observed in VR. Last yr we wrote about Fit It, a sport that utilized the HTC Vive trackers to convey your entire human body into VR. It does not appear like OnShape will be able to monitor leg movements etcetera, but going your head and arms must nevertheless give you a exercise.

We simply cannot come across much too much additional details about the video game, but it is coming to PSVR, SteamVR (Index/Vive/Rift) and “Oculus” this summer. Centered on the conclude of the trailer, we’d guess the latter handles each Rift and Quest.

This story initially appeared on Uploadvr.com. Copyright 2019

Jamie Feltham, Upload VR