In a week where AMD, Intel and Qualcomm have previously produced important bulletins, Microsoft’s keynote yesterday at Computex in Taipei was rather lowkey. Alternatively of revealing new products, the enterprise hinted at what it would like in a modernized working procedure. Intriguingly, Microsoft’s website write-up about the keynote does not mention Windows, lending credence to speculation that it is establishing a new “super-secure” OS.

According to the blog article by Nick Parker, corporate vice president of purchaser and product product sales, a contemporary OS really should permit “form issue agility” by becoming adaptable plenty of to be integrated into distinct types of gadgets, which is noteworthy mainly because last year the corporation hinted at new additions to the Area lineup, which some have speculated could suggest the line is adding a smartphone.

He added that a modern OS really should include seamless updates, accomplished invisibly in the qualifications with out forcing folks to quit working with their desktops and be secure by default, preventing attacks by separating the state from the functioning technique and the compute from applications.

A modern OS would frequently be linked to LTE 5G and use AI to enable make applications a lot more successful. It would also assist various forms of input, like pen, voice, touch and even the means to use your eyes to manage apps or write—two factors that likely to gas much more speculation that the new OS will be produced with mobile products (like a possible Surface Cellular phone) and light-weight or twin-screen laptops in thoughts.

Catherine Shu