Though Google I/O is on everybody’s brain, there are even now loads of other massive things occurring. The hottest update to the Google Phone app is rolling out now, and like most updates, there is not considerably to see outdoors of a number of visible tweaks. Even so, clues inside of the apk reveal that we can seem ahead to acquiring audio recordings from Phone Screen interactions, ship incorrect range phone calls packing, and make crisis calls devoid of getting to converse.


Disclaimer: Teardowns are based mostly on evidence identified inside of apks (Android’s software offer) and are always speculative and normally based mostly on incomplete info. It’s achievable that the guesses designed in this article are improper or inaccurate. Even when predictions are accurate, there is always a likelihood that products could improve or may well be canceled. Much like rumors, nothing is particular right until it can be formally introduced and unveiled.

The attributes talked about under are likely not stay still, or may well only be reside for a modest share of customers. Except if said or else, don’t assume to see these features if you install the apk. All screenshots and photos are genuine except if usually stated, and images are only altered to clear away individual information and facts.

Contact Screen: Responding to mistaken quantities

The Get in touch with Screen attribute is quite fantastic for working with chilly phone calls from obnoxious telemarketers and all those infuriating (and questionably authorized) phone calls from political campaigns — actually no person desires these phone calls! Though you could faucet almost any response to stop the simply call, it helps to have the suitable response to in good shape the predicament, and it seems like we are about to have the great respond to for one particular more popular incidence: Improper figures.

New text demonstrates that the button will be basically titled “Erroneous quantity” and it will answer to the caller with, “You have the improper quantity. Thanks, and goodbye.”

string name=wrong_number_description>Improper varietystring>
string name=wrong_number_and_end_call>You have the erroneous selection. Many thanks, and goodbye.string>

Google Phone v33 hints at recording Call Screen audio, wrong number responses, and silent emergency calls [APK Teardown], Next TGP

Your latest alternatives for responses are directed both towards generally personal interactions, like indicating you won’t be able to response the phone ideal now or that you will return the phone afterwards, or they are treating the caller like a spammer. Responding that the caller has simply entered the wrong amount is much a lot more helpful to the caller and is not going to come across as insulting.

Contact Screen: Audio recordings

A new edition of the intro script for Connect with Screen reveals that there are some adjustments coming to the aspect. For starters, if you’ve ever found the transcription of the caller’s message, you could have had no clue what was really mentioned. Naturally, numerous consumers have requested audio recordings since Call Screen initially released, and now it seems to be like Google is going to produce.

In the strings beneath, individuals with ‘donation_off’ in the name merely point out a transcript of the phone, and individuals with ‘donation_on’ also point out that the recipient of the phone will get a recording.

string name=start_call_contacts_donation_off>Hi, the particular person you’ve got achieved is using a screening services from Google, and will get a transcript of this connect with. Go ahead and say why you happen to be contacting.string>
string name=start_call_contacts_donation_on>Hi, the human being you’ve got reached is utilizing a screening support from Google, and will get a recording and transcript of this simply call. Go in advance and say why you are calling.string>string name=start_call_non_contacts_donation_off>Hello, the human being you’ve got achieved is employing a screening services from Google, and will get a transcript of this simply call. Go forward and say your title, and why you might be calling.string>
string name=start_call_non_contacts_donation_on>Hello, the man or woman you’ve got attained is utilizing a screening support from Google, and will get a recording and transcript of this contact. Go forward and say your name, and why you’re contacting.string>

Just one other modify, albeit very refined, will now differ the opening script centered on whether or not the contact arrives from a random range or a recognized get hold of. Recognised callers will be requested for the purpose they are contacting although unrecognized figures will also be questioned to state their name. It is a extremely smaller thing, but exhibits some exciting notice to element.

Speaking to unexpected emergency services silently

Emergencies arrive in lots of diverse sorts and often with very demanding conditions. In most scenarios, you’re heading to contact 911 (or no matter what variety your region takes advantage of) and tell an operator what’s taking place, exactly where you’re at, and reply any pressing queries although they dispatch the correct men and women to manage the predicament. Nevertheless, what transpires if you are hurt and won’t be able to discuss, or the surroundings is too loud for you to be heard, or speaking  to the operator may give away your place and set you into more threat. Google is adding some capabilities so callers can interact without having relying completely on speech, and it may perhaps even be using Duplex to energy it.

New text demonstrates some important parts of an conversation that can manifest by basically urgent buttons on your cell phone to converse elementary particulars to an unexpected emergency providers operator. Originally, users are advised that they can converse without having speaking, and it appears they are equipped to select amongst law enforcement, hearth, and healthcare. The ultimate factor proven here is a batch of messages exactly where you can pass your spot to the operator, which can be accomplished with longitude and latitude, a In addition code, or an deal with.

string name=emergency_assist_intro>You are getting contacted by an automated voice company initiated by the caller. The caller may perhaps be not able to discuss or hear.string>
string name=emergency_chat_to_operator_intro>You are becoming contacted employing Real Time Text. This message has been instantly sent on behalf of the caller. They may possibly be not able to communicate or listen to.string>string name=emergency_assist_share_situation>Inform operator with out speakingstring>
string name=emergency_chat_to_operator>Message the operatorstring>string name=emergency_voice_assist_dialog_title>The emergency operator hears thisstring>
string name=emergency_voice_assist_dialog_button_close>Terminatestring>string name=emergency_assist_cant_speak>Silently share location &amp crisis typestring>
string name=emergency_assist_location_sentence>My spot is %1$s longitude, %2$s latitude.string>
string name=emergency_assist_plus_code_sentence>The Additionally code for my locale is %1$s.string>
string name=emergency_assist_address_sentence>My locale is %1$s.string>

string name=emergency_assist_button_fire>Hearthstring>
string name=emergency_assist_button_medical>Health carestring>
string name=emergency_assist_button_police>Law enforcementstring>
string name=rtt_emergency_button_fire>Fireplacestring>
string name=rtt_emergency_button_medical>Healthcarestring>
string name=rtt_emergency_button_police>Policestring>
string name=rtt_emergency_text_fire>I involve the hearth department.string>
string name=rtt_emergency_text_medical>I call for professional medical aid.string>
string name=rtt_emergency_text_police>I call for police aid.string>

If you’re hunting intently, you’ll also observe some strings are titled with RTT, or Serious-Time Textual content, which fundamentally enables text messages in parallel with a voice get in touch with. If Google is using gain of RTT for these unexpected emergency phone calls, it would aid callers and operators remain on the identical web site, so to discuss. Operators would also be able to listen to environmental situations and respond if some communication can be read when other points are only sent through text.

I’m definitely not likely to try to exam this myself, but I are not able to discover any indications that this is operational but or any community documentation to advise crisis service operators essentially expect these types of communications. It is also not totally obvious if this is going to develop into available only by dialing an emergency quantity or if you’ll have to choose any ways to make it appear but it would seem probable it will work a good deal like the present Unexpected emergency Locale Company assistance that was additional late very last 12 months.


The APK is signed by Google and updates your current app. The cryptographic signature ensures that the file is protected to set up and was not tampered with in any way. Fairly than wait around for Google to push this down load to your equipment, which can take times, download and set up it just like any other APK.

Google Phone v33 hints at recording Call Screen audio, wrong number responses, and silent emergency calls [APK Teardown], Next TGP
Google Phone v33 hints at recording Call Screen audio, wrong number responses, and silent emergency calls [APK Teardown], Next TGP

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