Best response: It won’t have to. Eero is intended to switch your current router, so the two don’t need to have to work jointly. For specific situations, like if you want to continue utilizing your router’s network administration settings or if your ISP calls for specific equipment, you can use Eero in conjunction with any wi-fi router with a few straightforward configurations.

Eero as a router replacement

Eero is a mesh Wi-Fi procedure produced up of the main Eero hub and Beacons that you position all over your home. This operates better than a classic router set up for the reason that it broadcasts the Wi-Fi signal from numerous factors, reducing dead zones and perking up speeds at the edges of your community. Eero in unique is super user-pleasant and has an desirable, minimalist style. It also has routing and network management abilities that you command from an app, so you can easily and entirely swap your router with the Eero Household Wi-Fi System.

To do that, simply disconnect your router, plug the Eero hub into your cable or DSL modem, and established it up adhering to the in-app guidelines. If you have a modem and router combo gadget, you can will need to set up your Eero community and then place the combo machine into bridge method to change off the routing purpose so your network will not get baffled.

Applying your router as a wired entry issue

Eero is fantastic for Wi-Fi networks, but the most important Eero gateway has only a person open Ethernet port, and the Beacons never have any. This is pretty inconvenient if you have far more than one particular device or personal computer that demands a challenging line relationship. Luckily, you can set your old router to use as a wired entry stage. Most routers have an access position method that will allow you to maintain your things plugged in to its added ports and nevertheless experience the gains of Eero Wi-Fi.

Eero bridge method

Like your present router’s settings and controls? Excellent! You can continue to keep them by bridging your Eero. In this set up, the Eero elements disperse Wi-Fi and relay data as regular, but everything is managed by your router’s options instead of the Eero application. Bridging Eero disables most of its attributes, including loved ones profiles, Eero Furthermore, and product bandwidth checking, but you continue to get mesh protection and speeds.

To put Eero into bridge method, first set it up usually employing the Eero app, then navigate to the major left menu. Go to Network Settings > Sophisticated Options > DCHP & NAT > Bridge, and save your settings.

Double NATing

NAT stands for network address translation, which condenses numerous world-wide-web-applying gadgets on a network into 1 community IP deal with. Double NATing in this occasion means location up your Eero by connecting it to a router alternatively of a modem, which properly makes two different networks. This configuration is important to use Eero with particular web support vendors that call for PPPoE or a specific tools MAC handle.

In other conditions, nonetheless, a double NAT setup can complicate how your products converse and interfere with activities this sort of as on line gaming and distant desktop accessibility.

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