There is no worse time to be looking for a contractor than immediately after sustaining roof damage. It is difficult enough to deal with the stress of a weather disaster and its various effects; it only becomes more difficult to deal with insurance companies and home repair firms as well. Regardless of the event that has caused the roof damage, there is often a feeling of panic that can cause the selection of the first available roofer to begin repairs immediately; however, this is exactly what should not be done.

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It is unfortunate that consumers have to face the possibility of contractors who either do a job poorly or who take advantage of difficult times resulting from a weather disaster. Since this does happen, the best advice is to take a deep breath, calm down and find the right contractor to make repairs.

Problem Contractors

The Roof Repairs industry is unfortunately one of those businesses that has its fair share of substandard contractors who abuse difficult situations when customers are in desperate need. Such firms may promise to do a good job, appear to do one, only to discover that the work that was done was anything but a good quality.

These difficult situations caused by weather disasters keep such dishonest people in business and the consumer happy for the moment, at least until problems such as poor craftsmanship and low-quality materials begin to show up. By that point, there usually is not much recourse against a company that has most likely left town or if still available, refer to some portion of the contract and state that it isn’t covered. When this happens, an unsuspecting consumer is left with yet another bill for more repairs or even an entire roof if the poor workmanship has allowed for even more damage to occur.

Dependable Contractors

The best way to avoid such a situation is to be aware of the existence of fraudulent contractors and learn how to avoid them. Looking for a recommended company should be the first step, excluding any contractors who just show ready to work and offer a great price well below other estimates. That type of situation has ‘scam’ written all over it. The warning is to do the right research and find a local established roofer to do the work.

Insurance companies can make recommendations as well, so it is worth asking for such assistance and direction to the right professionals in a time of extreme stress, making the burden a little bit lighter. Additionally, a local Chamber of Commerce or professional builders group can offer advice about local contractors.

Contracts and Warranties

Inspecting work contracts and warranties is essential. Much can be learned about a roofer by their warranties, willingness to give a detailed contract and being upfront about any difficulties that may be faced to successfully complete the work.

Always avoid storm chasers, referring to contractors who follow major storms offering immediate services and then move on to the next town as soon as the work is done. Such firms usually offer loosely written contracts; that seem to be of no value as they are no longer around to honor the contract when problems appear due to the poor quality materials, untrained workers and hasty work that was performed.

The best answer for difficult situations like this is to try to remain calm, stay in touch with the insurance company, find accommodations if necessary, then get on the phone or internet and find a local roofer who comes highly recommended and still be there if problems should arise. Then when weather disasters happen, poor quality work will not ruin the roof even further!