A few years ago, when it came to choosing bathroom vanities, the choice was very clear and simple to make. Today, however, there are a wide range of styles, as well as types of vanities that you can choose from for your bathroom. With this said, you may already have an idea why the choosing process nowadays may be a bit tricky. For this reason, there are some things that you should think about before making the final decision on which vanity to use, including the amount of space, and its cost.

The most common kind of bathroom vanities used in standard bathrooms is the cabinet. This is convenient and very useful with features made for abundance storage space. A majority of vanities will be of height from around 35 inches; however, if you need something higher, then the cabinet may be customized to your specifications.

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This traditional cabinet style is normally slightly cheaper than the more contemporary ones, so if you’re looking for ample space for storage, then this style of vanity is the perfect option for you. In addition to the bathroom cabinet style vanity, there are also other styles to consider. If you have a small bathroom, then a smaller kind would be ideal since it will fit nicely in the area of your choosing.

The “furniture style” vanity is designed to look like a piece of furniture and is freestanding, which makes it simple to install. If the two styles mentioned are not for you, worry not, as there are other, more modern types of bathroom vanities, namely the vessel style vanities. These also have a freestanding base and the sink is normally in the shape of a bowl that sits on top it. This specific vanity is ideal for small bathrooms that lack space and what is great about it is that it comes in various designs. As you can see, replacing your cabinet with this style of vanity allows for more room and storage space. Of course, this means more comfort and convenience for you.

The great thing about these types of bathroom vanities is that they will give your bathroom an artistic feel and add a distinctive sense of style. So, when you get ready to remodel your bathroom, remember that there are a number of vanities which will surely fit your needs and personal taste.